20 thoughts on “Tea and Tranquility

  1. I’ve been to Japan a number of times, and scenes like this strike a real chord within me. Some day I’d like to create a Japanese garden in our allotted space. It’s almost enough to convert me from coffee to tea…


    1. Wouldn’t it be lovely to recreate a Japanese style garden in one’s own space. There is another one nearby in one of the ‘big houses’. It’s very nice but relies a lot more on hard landscaping rather than soft I would say. It will probably look better once the plants have matured.


  2. Beautiful, calm image, full of detail and interest, but with those ?windows in the door really holding the eye. That tree trunk top left is a really strong margin. and I like the way that the small flowers on either side of the ?windows overlap the house to give a feeling of depth. Good stuff, my friend. Adrian


    1. Many thanks, Adrian. Yes, they are windows and the one on the right is on the far side of the tea house (Pink Floyd’s alternative title 🙂 ).

      I did wonder about the trunk top left – whether it looked a bit odd, but there’s something about it I like. Thanks again!


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