43 thoughts on “The Ins and Outs of a Tulip

        1. Thank you! I was lucky that the tulip petals had folded over in such a way that I could photograph each ‘side’ properly. These tulips are really quite intriguing!


        1. I use a compact camera – a little Pentax. It is said that compact cameras are very good at macro work. I’ve never used a DSLR with lenses so have never tried a macro with such, but I am very happy with the macros this camera produces.


          1. Dang….maybe I should ditch my big stuff and go Pentax! I love close up work, but I also love landscapes. Sigh….OR just add a little Pentax to my kit, eh? That may just be the ticket! Thanks so much!


            1. Yes, I would say add one to your kit. I can’t remember the technical bit as to why they do macros so well but I’m often amazed at the images this little camera produces.


  1. Wow! What a fabulous palette of colors and textures! Several of ours are blooming at last but the wind hasn’t let up enough to get any details for days. Maybe it’s time to plan on longer exposures and just go with the wind and see what develops!


    1. Yes, I find there is a sweet spot on a windy day where the wind drops – very very briefly – before the next gust. If one waits just long enough, they will find that sweet spot. It’s very Zen. Thank you, Gary.


  2. oh my God!

    is this one just as it was?!!? It looks like a watercolor type of O’Keeffe. This is one of the most amazing images!! I lust it for my new art wall!! Do you offer prints?? I probably can’t afford them but Wow!


    1. Yes, it was curling just as seen! I had to crop the image a bit as the flower was just starting to fade in one area due to the rain. This image is resized to fit this theme but I have another version before I resized if you would like a copy of that – gratis 🙂


  3. Coming in at the bottom of this post (where else?) and skimming up through the comments, I suspected that I was in for a treat on reaching the top >>> and >>> great stuff!!! It is a beautiful image, with absolutely wonderful colours. The right side in particular could well be a painting, and I keep being reminded of some sort of fruit crumble, with lashings of custard. Not sure I’ve seen anything so colourful for sometime. It is wonderful to look at. A


    1. Thank you, Adrian! Wow – fruit crumble with custard! I rarely have puddings but I could definitely eat one of those! Yes, tulips provide an early shock of colour amidst the softer yellows and lilacs of early Spring 🙂


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