Garden Border Medley


An image from the garden this morning. Sweet Honesty flowers and a lacy umbellifer entangle in a predominantly green and leafy border on a breezy day. A couple of the fascinating Honesty seedpods can be seen too. These look great when backlit by the sun when the little seeds can be seen within.

24 thoughts on “Garden Border Medley

    1. Many thanks! It’s a delight to see the Honesty flowers come up along that verdant border in Spring. I’m also very fond of the umbellifers – which seem to be popping up everywhere at present!


    1. Many thanks, Ken. Honesty is its common name (I inserted the ‘sweet’ to describe it) but its Latin name is ‘Lunaria annua’ from its moon-like seed capsules. I’m hoping to photograph the capsules when they are fully out but I have had problems photographing them well in the past! The seed capsules on the long stems are often used as part of flower arrangements.


  1. Beautiful, fresh colours here, the purples look great against the greens and the few whites. And good shapes and textures too – including all the soft details in the wonderful greens of the backdrop. A


    1. Thank you, Gary. Yes – the violet colour complements the greens well, doesn’t it? The Honesty has bloomed well this year – as have all the Spring flowers really. Must have been all the rain and mild temps.


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