Variegated Beech


A view up and through a network of branches and leaves of an unusual variegated Beech tree. I’ve never seen a Beech quite like this before. I found it when exploring a lesser-known part of a favourite arboretum; a lovely surprise!

16 thoughts on “Variegated Beech

  1. That’s a lovely study in green, made the more so by the variegation. Filling the frame is good, and the branches (especially that thick one) and the glimpses of white sky and softly focused canopy bring good variety to the image – such that when sitting back from it and letting my eyes lose focus, it becomes a cool and relaxing mass of living greens. A


    1. Many thanks, Adrian. It was lovely standing underneath this pretty green canopy – the sun glimpsing through either side of the bigger branches. I’m pleased you like it!


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