16 thoughts on “Sky Reach

    1. Ah, yes; the rain does make them droop and fall. As I look out the window now, the lilacs and horse chestnut ‘candles’ brighten up the scene. They are holding on tight even though we have had rain and some pretty strong winds! Thank you, Mary.


    1. I took this photo last May and plants were very late blossoming due to the very cold Winter. Everything has been a little earlier this year! Yes – cherry blossoms are beautiful. I love to see the photos you take – especially the festival of cherry blossoms.


  1. Exquisite detail and sentiment, M, for chilly times. We just had an all-time record low temperature a couple of days ago–and a year ago we had an all-time record high (101 F). And the southern pole ice is melting. Let anyone try to tell me that our species hasn’t been messing with the weather for long enough. Why won’t our leaders heed the myriad eloquent warnings and take the obviously necessary steps?


    1. Thank you, Gary. What’s happening with the weather is certainly concerning. It seems as if there are extreme weather conditions happening all the time. Heard about the floods in the Balkans this morning – something very unusual for that part of the world. It is all very worrying.


  2. Lovely. We finally hit 21 degrees today. Do not know if it will last, but it made a nice finish to the Victoria weekend. 🙂


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