26 thoughts on “Reaching Out

  1. I always love your photos! You have such a good eye for composition that adds an impressive air to whatever you photograph. I have been on the road, so I have been viewing your work just not easily able to comment. Thanks for always brightening my day!


    1. What a kind thing to say! Thanks so much, Patti; I appreciate your kind words. And what a wonderful adventure you are having. Such amazing places you have visited. Looking forward to the update!


    1. Aww – thank you, Gary! I have to admit to enjoying getting in close to Natural subjects – and there’s something about looking up at them from below which appeals! I tried similar shots in the garden a few days ago and you would have laughed if you’d seen the contortions I got into as I tried to photograph the much shorter umbellifers from below 🙂


  2. Oh I like this – they certainly are reaching up and out, and certainly excitedly – they are towering up over and above me, relegating me to the role of passive bystander and watcher. And I very much like the (quite limited) range of colours in the shot. Good stuff, M! A


    1. Interesting comment regarding feeling passive whilst the plant towers over you. I like to convey this feeling in a photograph: Nature and the egotistical way humans need to control it. Thank you, Adrian.


        1. Tell me about it! I went out to vote a little while ago and spotted a favourite grassy verge outside someone’s house which looked so pretty with wild grasses and flowers springing up. I’ve photographed plants there before. Anyway, my intention was to go to the polling station and on my way back to photograph some pretty ox-eye daisies which were in the verge. To my horror, a landscaping company had taken to said verge with strimmers and the whole lot had been mown down during the few minutes I was voting. Gone. All gone. It’s all very ‘neat and tidy’ as in shaved grass now. The verge had always been an attractive feature – such Natural and uncontained beauty. I wonder why the residents have decided to have it cut down now.


    1. Thank you very much! These plants are always fun and interesting to photograph. Some of them are quite small and others – like the giant hogweed – tower over us! They can look quite intimidating.


  3. Your description is spot on M ! Super Shot .
    So many varieties of umbellifers . I went to photograph some cow parsley along a fence line I’d seen recently … only to discover it was pretty much past its best now … I have a feeling some plants have suddenly taken off and I’ve not caught up with the rapid change over the last couple of weeks .


    1. Thank you, Poppy! Yes – Spring started early didn’t it, and plants have really romped away with the warmth and the rain and the light. Have a look along riversides or canals for water-loving umbellifers; they should still look good. It’s where the more toxic variety live (hemlock) but they are good to look at and photograph.


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