A Bunch of Flowers

elderflowers-201405A bunch of pretty elderflowers.

It was lovely out walking today seeing the hedgerows alive with umbellifers, elderflowers, nettles, comfrey, and various wild grasses – all swaying quite wildly in the stiff breeze.

Lots of lovely buttercups, daisies, and red clover adorned the grassy areas too. Not so many bees and butterflies around but perhaps that was due to the wind.

Many of the local footpaths have become quite overgrown – not sure whether that’s due to people not walking them at present or whether plants have grown very quickly in the recent wet and warm weather.

14 thoughts on “A Bunch of Flowers

    1. Thank you very much, Aquileana! How lovely it is to have such pretty flowers growing out in the wild. I think last year, the local farmers chopped the hedgerows before the plants had a chance to flower.


    1. How kind! Thank you, Finn. The light was very good on Sunday when I photographed the elderflower. Also, this particular bunch was positioned at the end of a hedgerow so there was plenty of light around it. Maybe that’s why it is such a full ‘blossomy’ bunch!


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