Inner Workings

twirl-201405Flowers open up to all and sundry exposing their ‘inner workings’ – risking that all will be on show even to passing ‘strangers’.

How interesting that some of us humans need to close off – encasing ourselves in a multitude of outer petals – in order to protect those inner workings – never really showing what’s going on inside at all. What’s the risk?

25 thoughts on “Inner Workings

    1. Thanks so much, Finn. I used my little Pentax compact. This was one of two small Nigellas which burst open before all the others. They were quite concealed under goastbeards and grass and other bits and bobs! I had to get in very close. I’ve just checked the settings and they are as follows: ISO 80; Exposure time 1/100; Fnumber 3.90. I also used a bit of zoom.

      A few more burst open today so I will try and get some more photos. They are amongst my favourite flowers!


    1. Thank you, Cynthia. The fragile ego tucked well inside those outer layers would say there is a big risk! ‘Side-stepping’ – no – diminishing the ego somewhat allows a little more trust and a leaning towards opening. I think! Scary stuff.


    1. Oh, yes. I had never looked so intimately at plants and small creatures before I started taking photos of them. All the little details usually missed reveal themselves when we take time to look carefully.


  1. This is good – it almost looks as if the whole flower is made of wax, and the long, green whatever-they-are’s truly seem to be writhing >>> I’m expecting a gorgon’s head to emerge at any moment! A


    1. Ha, ha – yes; a gorgon’s head maybe. They are amongst some of the most unusual English cottage garden style flowers I’ve ever seen 🙂 Thank you, Adrian.


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