22 thoughts on “Monochrome Maydream

    1. Many thanks, Meho! It’s funny: I don’t think I had ever considered converting any of the hundreds of images of I have of this flower to b&w before! It’s good to do something one doesn’t normally think of.


    1. Thank you very much, Truels. Yes – do try it. My advice would be to try it with a subject you wouldn’t normally consider for B&W because you love the colours so much.


  1. This is truly excellent and beautiful, M >>> and if I say its a real departure for you I don’t mean that you’re other stuff isn’t excellent etc, … oh god, how to foul up a Comment in one easy lesson … but rather if I’d been shown this image and asked to say who’d taken it, I would not have thought of you. Your change of style is breathtaking, and its understatement to say that you should pursue it further.
    The composition is smack on and, as you say, its soft and dreamy, with really only the bloom’s central parts sharp. It is exquisite, it is a piece of visual poetry, it should be hanging on a gallery wall. And I’m certainly jealous! A


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, Adrian. I’m pleased you like it! If my memory serves me right, I had never previously thought to convert an image of these flowers to b&w before because I love the colours, but something just made me wonder – on the spur of the moment – what this particular image would look like. I shall have to think about other images I wouldn’t normally convert because of the colours πŸ™‚


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