19 thoughts on “Wallflowers

  1. I call it Wisteria confetti. We have a very old Wisteria which usually puts on a beautiful show each year. This year the weather was unkind to it just at the moment when it desperately needed gentle, warm and dry days. The scent of a Wisteria in full bloom is a wonderful smell.


    1. Yes – I almost named this post Wisteria Confetti! I love Wisteria – it looks beautiful however it is grown, and the scent – as you say – is wonderful!


  2. The blue-purple bits of it look very like a painting, and this impression is enhanced by their torn and ragged appearance – this is right on the edge of looking painterly. And what about mono … ? …


    1. Thank you, Adrian! ‘The Edge of Painterly’: sounds like a Joanna Trollope novel about torrid goings on in a leafy village in the Shires 😉

      It didn’t work in mono – a lack of detail and varying tones.


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