Wild Plant Medley

weedmedley2-201406A group of wild plants merge and interweave in a border between a crop field and a road. Wild poppies sit amidst oilseed pods in the field beyond.

Although an unwanted nuisance in many neat and tidy gardens, these plants form an attractive Natural feature between two different areas; much nicer than a plain wire fence, I think.

12 thoughts on “Wild Plant Medley

    1. They do look attractive and interesting when seen grouped together like this. I have a job tidying and clearing goosegrass from more delicate plants in the garden but I appreciate its beauty and form in this situation. Thank you, Margaret.


    1. Thank you, Andy. I’m pleased you appreciate them too. I was looking at some dead nettles in our garden yesterday and saw for the first time how beautiful they were and that if they had been planted purposely they would – perhaps – have been appreciated more. I never used to think like that – I used to consider such plants as unwanted weeds. I’m grateful for them these days, gardening on such difficult conditions such as chalk when it’s difficult for a lot of plants to thrive!


    1. Thank you. Poppies seem to be popping up in the most unexpected of places. I find it fascinating that poppy seeds can last a hundred years and can germinate in disturbed ground after all that time. How amazing!


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