giant-201406One flower on my Giant Scabious has put in an appearance. I’m so pleased and relieved. The last couple of years has seen quite diminished flowers on this giant of a plant. It probably needs separating at the roots and re-planting; a job for the Autumn, methinks.

I had to aim high for this photograph – this particular stem is well over 6ft tall.

10 thoughts on “Giant

    1. Thank you, Adrian. This is one of my favourites in the garden. It has to compete with more leafy trees and shrubs; the soil here is nitrogen rich, encouraging leafy plants. It’s a delight when these giant flowers on tall wiry stems make an appearance.


  1. I’ve seen plenty of Scabious before, but always purple – never knew it came in this colour. Just been staring at Ladies hats from Ascot on the TV – from this angle, take away the stalk, it could provide the inspiration for the perfect hat. what a great image, Meanderer.


    1. Thank you, Andy. The Latin name for this one is Cephalaria gigantea. Yes, there are lots of blues, purples, and pinks – wild and cultivated. This one does grow very large – around 7-8ft tall!

      I see what you mean with regard to fancy Ascot hats – a design like this would work very well! I won a prize at junior school for a hat I made ……… you never know šŸ™‚


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