June Morning

pure_morning-201406The first in a mini-series of early morning June photographs. I’m hoping to post one each morning.

Here wild poppies sit by a roadside along with umbellifers, thistles, nettles, and other wild plants.

The road is a very busy one carrying constant traffic – particular during the rush hours – so the idea was to get up very early in order to photograph the poppies – of which there are a wide variety – and other wild plants.

It was wonderful to be outside at 6am: the sun softly rising; the moon watching everything unfold; flocks of birds flying in formation catching the sun this way and that; corvids lining up on telegraph wires surveying the landscape for breakfast; bees awake and scrambling for nectar in the poppies, ……….. and a mosquito – caught in frame on the right hand side – waiting for a convenient human to sink its teeth into. (I did get bitten and it will itch like crazy later on).

Cars began to arrive in earnest just after 6.30 am so we bade farewell to the scene and returned home.

16 thoughts on “June Morning

    1. Ha, ha – he does look like an aircraft an first glance. I didn’t see him until I looked at the images on the computer. The round red blob on my arm is getting bigger but not itchy – yet ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you, Truels. Yes – I would like to get up and out early every morning but am stuck in my habit of not doing so. Time to break that habit, I think. Early mornings are special times ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I like this very much, on two fronts. First the image is very good – its a good idea having that bit of flare and burn out on the left, and those tall plant silhouettes there too – and the whole composition slants down right into the picture from there, until it hits those distant “highlands”. The poppy flowers looks deeply coloured and really good – and the mosquito defies words! And the clear sky is perfect for it.
    And I like the idea of getting out early each day, its what I did with Early Morning Garden (tho that enthusiasm seems to have ebbed somewhat …) >>> are you two going to Stonehenge for tomorrow morning? A


    1. Oh, yes – I enjoyed your Early Morning Garden series. It is lovely being out early; I really ought to do it more often, especially with the weather being so good as it is at present. We’ve decided to give Stonehenge a miss tomorrow – it’s going to be very busy. Not sure if we will go somewhere else – still undecided about that. How about you?

      Many thanks for your comments on the image. I think the early morning drivers who did go past must have thought I was strange bobbing and dipping to get the perspective on this one ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Your image is iconic of “Summer” for me- from the sunlight to the mosquito. Thank you for going out so early, and then sharing it with all of us who didn’t get up to join you ๐Ÿ˜‰ What compassion and kindness! And happy Solstice to you. What a beautiful gift your photo series has been. May all be well with you, WG


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