Watching the Sun Rise

watching2-201406The second in the Early Morning June series.

A different variety of poppy seen alongside the common poppies – as featured yesterday – in the same grassy verge along a main road. Their heads appeared to be turned towards the rising sun.

It reminds me of a serene greeting of the sun on the morning of a Summer Solstice. (Actually a Winter Solstice gathering is more like this 🙂 ).

It’s going to be very busy at Stonehenge tonight and early morning tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Watching the Sun Rise

    1. The Solstice itself is tomorrow at 11.51 (BST) but many will be arriving at Stonehenge this evening to greet in the sunrise at 04.43 tomorrow morning. I won’t be going as it looks set to be very busy due to it happening on a Saturday – accompanied by fine weather. I shall find a quieter – more serene – place 😉


  1. This is an absolutely lovely picture. Having that poppy seedhead bottom right and that that gorgeous bloom, transfixed by light, immediately behind it works very well indeed; and the backdrop of soft focus seedheads and (almost!!!) no flowers is great. The feeling of early morning light is really there! Good stuff! Great starts to your series! A


    1. Thank you very much, Adrian. I had a couple of very similar images to choose from but went with this one because it shows the soft golden sunlight better. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so far!


    1. Thank you very much, Cara. There’s quite an unusual mix of poppies in this roadside strip. I’ve never seen such an array in such a place before! The colours and shapes are a feast for the eyes.


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