Buds, Pods, and Stems

poppybuds-201406The third in the Early Morning June series: a tapestry of poppy flower buds, seedpods, and backlit hairy stems – with a teasing glimpse of pink and red flowers.

I didn’t get up and out early to greet the Midsummer Sunrise – I resisted the early morning call to get ready, and turned over and back into dream-filled sleep at 4am. Although a few decades older than a teenager, I still seem to need as much sleep πŸ™‚

Strangely I awoke just as the sun would have made its appearance on the horizon. I tried to get back to sleep but thoughts of the sunrise enlivened me enough to get up and draw open the curtains. I could just see a glimpse of pink in the cirrus clouds towards the direction of the sunrise as the sun began making its journey above the buildings and trees blocking my view.

I meandered down to the kitchen to make a thirst-quenching cup of coffee, returned to bed, and watched the pattern of the window move across the opposite wall – first golden yellow, then brighter creamy white – as the sun moved correspondingly across the sky.

I sipped my coffee, drinking in the cacophony of early morning birdsong: corvids caw-cawing at a distance and seemingly high up somewhere, whilst smaller chattering garden birds chirruped closer to home below the open window.

The window pattern continued its trajectory across the wall – first strongly half-illuminating the painting of Stonehenge before spreading across the whole painting – softening as it travelled; quite surreal, but fitting!

Happy Summer Solstice!

14 thoughts on “Buds, Pods, and Stems

  1. Happy Solstice to you, too! Love your story of failing to rise to the occasion – not that I did much better – I’m usually up and about at 5am and I was today, but out into the garden I did not go! Must be getting lazy. But unlike you I seem to be making do with less and less sleep as the years build up – this may be due in part to loving naps in armchairs!

    I like this picture very much. It reminds me of a painting – or maybe a school of art – that I cannot recall the name of. At first I thought the few reds and pinks intrusive, but looking at this longer I think they add something vital – take ’em out and they’re missed! A


    1. Yes – we are supposed to need less sleep as we get older but maybe you have something there: armchair naps! I rarely fall asleep apart from at bedtime so maybe that’s why I need my 8 hours πŸ™‚

      I’m pleased you like the image; thank you!


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