Snail Art

snail_love-201406A snail leaves behind glittery heart-shaped art on nettle leaves!

Yes, I know it’s slime really but it did look very pretty. What amazes me is the way the nettle leaves are intact – no signs of any holes or damage from munching.

12 thoughts on “Snail Art

    1. It’s curious, isn’t it? Nettles are interesting plants. I know someone who can touch them in such a way that they don’t get stung. I’ve also seen a wildlife expert on TV do the same. It’s something to do with the nettles’ self-defence mechanism kicking in if they are approached or touched in a certain way. I wouldn’t want to try it but I have sometimes brushed against them and haven’t been stung. Perhaps snails don’t provoke the defence mechanism.

      Thanks, Margaret.


  1. I had never seen snail-trails until I moved to Utah…and then it was very common to see those silvery trails criss-crossing the sidewalks in the morning. Nice photo, Meanderer.


    1. How interesting. We take it for granted that we will see snail-trails in this wet rain-blown land. Such a sight fills gardeners with horror! We sometimes see the trails indoors too – when the little fellas have breached the barrier between inside and out and have somehow got inside and meandered across a carpet! Live and let live, we say 🙂

      Many thanks, Scott.


      1. I was surprised to learn that people hire exterminators or apply pesticides themselves to rid their yards and gardens of the little guys…couldn’t imagine why…and how funny that they would make it inside and be found sliding across the carpet. 🙂

        I’m with you in the “live and let live” philosophy…I’ve moved several snails off the walkways and driveways and put them back in the grass and shrubs where they safely belong. 🙂


        1. Gardeners over here sometimes opt for the ‘lob and hope’ method, i.e. they throw the snails over their next door neighbour’s garden hoping they have got rid of them, only to discover that snails ‘home’!

          I’m currently tackling the immense growth of ivy in the garden – due to the mild and wet Winter and Spring – and it’s a long task as I’m checking for snails underneath as I go, trying to be as careful as possible.


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