Folds of Gold

foldsofyellow3-201406A hybrid tea rose sits in a small vase on the bathroom window sill, reflecting the soft diffuse light coming in through the patterned glass. Although unscented, its blooms cope very well in heavy rain, and last very well – staying beautiful for days – when used as a cut flower.

Roses are doing really well in the garden this year, and there are many blooms. I wonder whether the very wet Winter and early Spring followed by recent warm dry and sunny weather has helped.

23 thoughts on “Folds of Gold

  1. Such a lovely colour. I’ve taken out my border of roses in the front garden in an attempt to make life a little easier. The daffodils have retreated below the new grass and Hubby seems to have taken on the task of repairing the fence so apart from still needing to cut the grass, it would appear my ploy worked.


    1. Ah – all good in the garden 🙂

      I still find roses a little scary to prune but they seem to be doing fine after the ‘trim’ I gave them all earlier this year!


    1. Many thanks, Cocomino. Yes – the light from the window really shows off the intense colour. Some of the ones on the bush outside have pink edging to them. I’m not sure why this one was completely yellow!


  2. Absolutely beautiful, and the soft light really does it a favour. I was out walking around here this morning and many of the gardens have beautiful roses – as you say, the weather seems to have been just right. A


    1. Thank you! A professional gardener and nurseryman told me that women tend not to like yellow flowers – which surprised me. How can one not love bright and cheerful yellow flowers!


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