8 thoughts on “Catmint Garland

  1. Hiya!!! I’ve just posted a comment here but the ether has swallowed it – damn!!! What did I say??? Oh yes, the lawn looks like its going down at a very steep angle below the Catmint, an effect that may be helped by the lawn’s getting slightly paler towards the bottom of the frame. And so it appears to me that the Catmint is raining blossoms (including the clovers!) down onto the vertical lawn below it – a very engaging effect. This works very well, M, good stuff! A


    1. Oh, that’s a nuisance. I’ve had that happen before. Also, last week as I was about to post a comment on your blog, the text changed into Turkish and I was unable to post. Just as well I was able to go back in the browser and find the comment again (it was a long one).

      I’m pleased you like the image. The speckled grass was just as important as the catmint plant here.


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