The Colours of Wheat

wheat5-201407Almost ripened wheat stalks and ears display a variety of colours on a scorching hot and humid day – the hottest of the year so far.

There’s a lot of farming activity at the moment: huge combine harvesters try to negotiate busy narrow roads on their way to the many fields containing mostly oilseed rape. The latter fills the morning air with the non-too-welcoming aroma of gently boiling cabbage. At the same time, fertiliser from pigs is being ferried around in tankers, combining with the boiled cabbage to make a heady mix on such a warm day. Ah: country life …..

22 thoughts on “The Colours of Wheat

  1. Very attractive colour combination. Nice to see how neatly this picture fits into the colour spectrum between your two shots of ripening wheat and sun-bleached wheat shown below in ‘Related’.
    And of course for another example of a subtle country colour there is always oilseed rape… ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you! Yes, it does fit in between the two, doesn’t it?

      Oilseed rape has a strange effect on me: I am simultaneously repulsed and attracted to it! The colour is so bright and garish – it startles, and shakes one’s equilibrium. It reminds me of holding up a yellow Quality Street cellophane wrapper in front of my eyes – like I did as a child! I do enjoy photographing it though – especially when accompanied with the contrast of a deep blue sky, or a more complementary patchwork of greens.


    1. It is indeed a gorgeous subject; I very much enjoy photographing it, especially when it has these colours. I was lucky with the lighting – especially on such a bright and sunny day. This batch was lying flat on the ground – having somehow been knocked down – so the sun wasn’t striking them so harshly. I also adjusted the EV a little (that’s quite technical for a photographic luddite like me :-)).


    1. Thank you, Marina! Yes, there is a frenzy of activity in the farming community at present. I think there has been full-on harvesting this week ahead of the thunderstorms – some of which we had last night.


  2. Beautiful shot, and all the better for being on its side, far more effective this way I think. Looks like you’ve gone all rotational in your old age – more please (the rotation, not the age)! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. This one looks rotated but hasn’t been! It was part of a group of wheat which was lying on the ground having been knocked down. I’m pleased you like it, however!


  3. You’ve said it M a frenzy of activity going on ! No wonder after the couple of nights storms we’ve had as no doubt there have been in Somerset and around .
    The colours of the wheat fields as always have been fabulous in the late afternoon sun I’ve probably missed all the best shots now and will have to wait for harvest rolls … oh I feel Summer is slipping away too quickly …
    Lovely photo !


    1. Yes – the last two nights have been interesting! Last night in particular was quite bad as it felt as if the storm was right on top of us. It knocked the power out, too. It’s a bit cooler this evening – which is a relief!

      I noticed today that there are still a few fields of wheat unharvested. I’m sure they have harvested early this year – usually it’s late July and through August.


  4. Love that horizontal format, Meanderer. The smells, dusts and nuisances of harvest time are here. The thunderbugs, (or corn mites) have arrived here too, so even sitting outside leads to scratching. And just for fun it rained hail the size of marbles two hours ago – the British Summer is here!


    1. Thank you, Andy. Yes, the thunderbugs have been covering my arms whilst working in the garden! I’m one of those people to whom insects are attracted. I was bitten by a horsefly a couple of days ago – such painful bites as they cut and slice the skin rather than puncture it. I had quite a nasty swelling and terrible itching.


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