Wild Plant Mix

wildplants2-201407Saw a wonderful patch of wildplants and flowers today growing on a verge near a railway line. I remember when this verge looked barren and stony and rather sad after established plants had been rooted out to make way for repairs, but now it is alive with an amazing and colourful range of plants. It’s even more beautiful than it was before.

The plant in the foreground here is Common Mugwort (artemesia vulgaris). Not the most attractive of names I admit, but at least I was able to identify it correctly having previously thought it was something else altogether! I like the purple-red stems, the leaf shape – which isn’t obvious here – and the little white flower buds.

In the background are red dock flowers. Other plants in this area included thistles and pink willow herb. It all looked really lovely on this very warm and sunny day.

The website I used – once again – to try and identify the mugwort is this one:


It’s a straightforward website which lists wildflowers by the month they appear.

10 thoughts on “Wild Plant Mix

  1. Very cool (timely!), calming and restful image, M – I like the colours of the Mugwort’s buds against the out of focus, colourful background. I thought those orange-browns unfortunate but now think they add needed variety. A


    1. I’m pleased you find it restful, Adrian. I wanted to show off all the colours I saw – and have another image where they are more obvious – but I like this one because of the flowers’ prettiness.


  2. Lovely with that background M
    Thanks for the link I ‘ve bookmarked it . So many little flowers which puzzle me out and about , now I have hope of identifying .. Have many books but it’s just not the same πŸ˜‰


  3. I think mugwort is a wonderful word, I’m guessing this would have something to do with my brain confusing it with Hogwarts and dreaming up images of wizards and broomsticks. πŸ™‚


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