Sparse Planting

sparse2-201407Little groups of echinaceas sit – widely spaced out – in a municipal garden. I was struck by how sparsely planted these were. Maybe a result of cutbacks in council spending; I don’t know. They look pretty, though, however sparsely planted!

18 thoughts on “Sparse Planting

    1. Echinaceas are quite an interesting choice for a council-run garden. Thinking about it, they may be more cost effective than annual bedding plants. Hopefully they will fill out over time.


    1. They are beautiful flowers – amongst my favourites. They are good for little creatures and also good for us. One of my fruit teas is Echinacea and raspberry, and it’s delicious!


  1. Oh – as Cindy says – that’s unusual, and your angle is good – with the grey soil providing a nice neutral backdrop for the plants’ colours. But what’s all this about Councils??? Actually I was probably a cutback in Council spending too, good to realise what one is, I always think ….


  2. Maybe the council is encouraging our imagination, I have to admit though, I would rather imagine these flowerbeds fuller next year than imagine my bins had been collected. 😀


    1. Ha, ha: yes. I wonder whether they ran out of money for the project. This is one bed in large riverside gardens in town which has had a makeover – hard landscaping as well as soft. It must have cost quite a bit, and with all the cutbacks, maybe they had to make savings. The garden does look lovely though – better than before.


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