10 thoughts on “Yellow Haze

  1. Ah, this really reflects the joy of high summer, M. Very interesting perspective and superb selective focus. Sometimes I wish I could shrink to the size of a bug to explore the miniature worlds in more detail, but then again, maybe not; after all, there be dragons in these wee scapes…


    1. Thank you, Gary! This is part of a small batch of goldenrod which grows on the edge of the rose bed. It’s difficult to photograph without distraction in the background but I think I just got away with this one!

      Yes, to explore like a bug – but you are right to be wary of the dangers out there. Talking of which, I was once again badly bitten by a horsefly last week. The bites are so painful and my allergic reaction to them means swelling, itching, and infection 😦 Ah: the delights of Summer 🙂

      Hope you’re in a bit more comfort with your shoulder.


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