Yellow Haze

yellowhaze-201407A bug’s eye view of goldenrod flowers!


10 thoughts on “Yellow Haze

  1. Ah, this really reflects the joy of high summer, M. Very interesting perspective and superb selective focus. Sometimes I wish I could shrink to the size of a bug to explore the miniature worlds in more detail, but then again, maybe not; after all, there be dragons in these wee scapes…


    1. Thank you, Gary! This is part of a small batch of goldenrod which grows on the edge of the rose bed. It’s difficult to photograph without distraction in the background but I think I just got away with this one!

      Yes, to explore like a bug – but you are right to be wary of the dangers out there. Talking of which, I was once again badly bitten by a horsefly last week. The bites are so painful and my allergic reaction to them means swelling, itching, and infection 😦 Ah: the delights of Summer 🙂

      Hope you’re in a bit more comfort with your shoulder.


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