Summer Trees

summertrees2-201407A group of Summertime trees in a Japanese-style garden.

The light was a little strange that day – one of those not-quite stormy days when the sky is grey and the light is a little yellow.

10 thoughts on “Summer Trees

  1. It really is all about light, isn’t it? It’s endlessly intriguing studying the effects of different lighting conditions on everything. In this one, I can almost hear the summer insects singing their hearts out and feel the urge to lie down just barely in the shade and close my eyes and dream…


    1. Yes – the light is so important. I like to watch the subtle changes in light from moment to moment sometimes. Yesterday, whilst at the kitchen window, I noticed flying insects caught in the low beam of sunshine coming through the trees. Momentarily, each insect glowed golden as it flitted in and out of the beam; magical.


    1. Thanks, Sallyann. I tend to seek out the peaceful these days. I used to visit this garden quite a bit for the peaceful ambience, but at the moment I’m finding peace being and working in the garden at home 🙂


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