Berry Abundance

berry_abundance-201408Buds, flowers, and as-yet unripened berries on a bramble bush.

Took a walk along some local footpaths yesterday to see what was happening in hedgerows, fields, and rivers. Although temps and humidity are still quite high, changes are afoot, and the mellow fruitfulness of late Summer could be seen. There’s plenty of fruit around: blackberries; sloes; elderberries; rowan berries; and crab apples – to name a few. There’s lots of colour amidst the lush greens: pinks, reds, and copper-browns from bramble flowers, reed flowers, dock, hemp agrimony, and thistles.

Some of the wheatfields have yet to be harvested, but they look very ready as they sit blond-bleached by the sun.

It’s all really quite lovely.

14 thoughts on “Berry Abundance

  1. You’re so right M …. the fields really do take on that blond bleached look under the sunshine …en masse looking down from the Hills makes me see how Summer is gently but almost too quickly moving along .
    It’s pie and crumble time 😉


    1. Yes – I hadn’t walked around these familiar footpaths for a little while and was surprised at the almost Autumnal look to the hedgerows.

      Mmm – pie and crumble: I’ll bring the custard 🙂


    1. Yes – I’ve photographed Nature along these footpaths and hedgerows many times. There’s a lot of interesting colour and form at present. Such a lovely time of the year for walks.


  2. We must really count ourselves among the lucky to be able to watch with patience the subtle changes of the seasonal changes in the natural settings to which we have such easy access. Late summer is so very special.


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