demure-201408A newly-blossoming Japanese anemone reveals pretty pastel-coloured sepals, whilst a little insect takes a rest on the stem.

These cheerful anemones are coming into bloom – brightening gardens as late Summer begins to slide into early Autumn.


10 thoughts on “Demure

    1. Yes – who knows?! He – or one of his friends – may have felt even more overwhelmed a few minutes later as he struggled to find a way out of my hair ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks, Gary.


  1. I love the textures on the undersides of those petals and, as you say, late summer slides into autumn – which I’m looking forward to. Oh and I forgot to tell you – the table tennis session went well, I didn’t physically cave in, and I’m off to buy a bat and hoping to play regularly! I’ve just reblogged an image – do have a look! A


    1. So glad to hear that the table tennis went well; superb!

      Although Autumn seemed to have arrived, the temperature rose incredibly today – and it was fairly humid too. It’s nice to have a little warmth again – a more gentle heat.

      Thanks, Adrian.


    1. They are a Japanese hybrid which flower during late Summer, early Autumn. I have a couple in the garden which flower reliably each year. There are many different varieties of anemone, some of which (anemone nemerosa) flower late Winter, early Spring, and others which flower late Spring.


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