18 thoughts on “Pink Edge

    1. I read that we should expect a very colourful Autumn this year – particularly with non-native species. I’ve noticed one or two other plants turning red and pink but not the majority of trees and shrubs here, as yet.


      1. A lot of the trees round here are looking very shabby. The majority of Horse Chestnuts are diseased and brown-leaved. That’s happened before but I thought they had escaped this year until recently.


        1. Yes – there’s a problem with Horse Chestnuts. I think it’s a type of leaf miner which attacks them year after year. The big one in our garden started off with lovely large green leaves due to all the rain but then started to get the mottled brown marks. Looking at it now, the uppermost leaves aren’t so badly affected but the rest are awfully brown and dry. Looks like a lot of fruit this year, though; very big fruit too!


  1. Beautiful picture, I love the pinks and greens and the leaves’ serrated edges, and the leaves’ internal textures / structures too – and having this completely filling the frame is ideal. A


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