Inner Light

light_within-201408A close-up of a Morning Glory flower, seemingly radiating light.


30 thoughts on “Inner Light

  1. Oh that’s nice, and distinctly different too – by which I mean that I know it is a picture of a plant, but it could so easily not be – it could so easily be a semi-abstract painting of an imaginary subject. The textures and structures within the blue are wonderful, and the “inner light” really lifts it. A


  2. An utterly stunning photograph giving a whole new perspective on the flower of the Morning Glory. I am used to seeing Morning Glory as an over-the-top rampant creeper with intensely coloured flowers. Your photograph provides a new interpretation of a much more delicate and fragile flower.


    1. Many thanks, Margaret. This one grows on copper supports and always looks so attractive. On that particular day, the blue colour was so intense and the white centre looked brighter than I’ve seen before.


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