Autumn Sunflower

sunfleur2-201409To mark the start of Autumn, a soft lemon and white striped sunflower (helianthus).

There are many beautiful Summery flowers still in bloom – due in part, perhaps, to the mainly very warm and sunny weather conditions recently. At the weekend I saw sunflowers, dahlias, roses, lavender, and lots of pretty cosmos flowers. These flowers look set to bloom for a little while yet – provided there are no frosts.

The previous couple of nights have turned chill, however, marking the change from Summer to Autumn. This morning, the chill damp air was accompanied by pockets of fog. Cobwebs – some of them huge – became visible as they glistened silvery-grey in the mist.

An extra layer of clothing has been necessary since yesterday. Actually, the feel of soft warm fleecey material next to bare arms has felt lovely and cosy!

I love Autumn – the Season of soft light, colour, and cosiness! Mmmellow 🙂

17 thoughts on “Autumn Sunflower

    1. Thank you, Marina! I had to twist into an awkward position to get this as there was a metal support just in front and trees just beyond. The sun was shining through the petals so beautifully 🙂


  1. Your love of autumn shows through in your posts… and as much as I don’t look forward to winter, your autumn feeling are slowly becoming contagious.
    Thanks for sharing them. 🙂


    1. That’s good to hear, Sallyann. There’s so much beauty in Autumn and early Winter. It seems like the season of light, colour, and joy: pretty and vibrant leaf colour; lots of colourful fruit everywhere; soft light and gentle temperatures; crunchy leaves in woods where the light streams in; soft, warm jumpers; cosy onesies; fun wellies ;-); furry boots; fruit pies; cider; conkers; hot chestnuts; bonfires and fireworks; vibrant festive markets laden with tasty goodies and colourful lights; choosing something special for people we love; being in touch with those we don’t see so much ……

      I do struggle with January and early Feb. It’s the lack of light. The answer is to try and get out more – whatever the conditions, I think.

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  2. That’s a very beautiful portrait, my friend, right up there with your best. The lighting is absolutely wonderful in all parts of the frame, the flower fills (overspills!) the frame, and the pale background sets it all off beautifully. Particularly for the petals, ethereal would be a good adjective. A


    1. That’s really kind; thank you, Adrian. I needed a few pairs of hands for this shot as the flower was in an awkward position! I didn’t actually see the stripes with the naked eye – although I was looking directly into the sun for much of it.


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