20 thoughts on “Multi-winged

  1. Lovely picture, M, and what an interesting effect. As temperatures drop, I suppose these flies will become more torpid – in early November I think it was, years back, the last few were sitting on metal handrails on the Levels, benefiting from the meagre heat that the metal was absorbing from the early day sun – they were almost done for, and this was last stand, desperate stuff. A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. I expect this cool and wet weather system will have come as a shock to these creatures – and others – after the Summery weather we have recently enjoyed.


  2. Hi, What a gorgeous and unusual photograph. Being able to capture the shadows of the wings is amazing. Nature is currently in full throttle here with the longer days and warming spring weather. The insect population in my tiny backyard has exploded. I am glad there are ladybugs amongst them. I was thrilled to see a large dragon fly yesterday.


    1. Thank you, Margaret! It’s the first photo of a dragonfly I’ve been able to capture this year. It was lovely to see it up close.

      How lovely to be feeling the wonderful and uplifting effects of Spring, Margaret. I can imagine how that looks and feels as we prepare to move into cooler and darker conditions here.


  3. Amazing photo! I used to have a dragonfly as avatar first, and it was like a “goodbye” when I switched to the green wood I have now. Dragonflies fascinate me in so many ways. Since I was a child (and still now) I perceive them as tiny helicopters, they seem to fly blindly, as if they would bump in to you (but they never do). They are like clumpsy and elegant at the same time. Then there are the glimmering colours. And since I learned that it’s an insect that lived already in the time of the dinosaurs, they gained my total and full respect. So, needless to say, I LOVE this photo!


    1. Thank you very much! It’s wonderful to see them and to stand entranced by their to-ing and fro-ing – as you say, they seem clumsy and elegant at the same time! I’m pleased you share my admiration for these beautiful creatures and that you like the image 🙂


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