Immersed in Autumn

leavesofautumn-201410I was very surprised to see so many leaves showing their Autumn colours today. During a walk last weekend, many trees and shrubs were still mainly green.

It was lovely to see so many pretty colours on a fairly overcast and rainy day.

10 thoughts on “Immersed in Autumn

        1. I think you’re right! Recently a horticulturalist told me that the late warmth is good for plants – particularly trees. It helps them lay down energy for the Winter! I think it helps me a bit too 🙂

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  1. Beautiful array of colours, with the upper two thirds of the frame going off towards the abstract – and for me the small, irregularly shaped, very pale patches(I don’t know what they are) really beef up and enliven the whole thing. Good stuff! A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. I was a little unsure about this one. I had three versions – two of which had more of the leaves in sharper focus, but I decided to go with this one where only the bottom third is in focus. I’m not sure it works as well as the others, but it’s good to try something less usual! The pale patches are some leaves from a liquidambar tree which were lying on the ground beyond this colourful shrub.


  2. I agree with Adrian (though I don’t always) that the foreground focus works very well. And, yes, the colors are really wonderful. Given a choice in advance, I’ll nearly always choose a lightly-overcast and slightly-rainy day to bring out the saturation in the colors without having to compensate for harsh highlights and shadows. And if it’s perfectly calm, I’m perfectly happy. A lovely shot, M.


    1. Thank you, Gary! Yes, the overcast conditions really did make the colours sing in the Japanese-style garden where I photographed this. Good to see you back. Love your starry starry night photo; magical!


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