Sunray Seedlings

sunrayseedlins-201410I went back to the field today where I had previously photographed ‘Crop Lines’ and found this new design!

It was a beautiful day – lovely and warm and sunny – albeit a little breezy. Tomorrow looks set to change as the remnants of a hurricane come our way. There might not be much in the way of sunrays then!

10 thoughts on “Sunray Seedlings

    1. Ha, ha – maybe if it was Winter I might be, Gary! I love Autumn. There’s so much going on, including fields being planted up ready for the Winter cover. Actually the temperatures lately have been more reminiscent of Summer; we’re getting a little bit of everything!


  1. What an attractive ‘sunny day’ effect πŸ™‚
    A bit puzzling though. I can see how changes in perspective would make the top edge plus the left and right hand top corners show more green, but I cannot figure out what has produced that more solid diagonal green area in the middle…


    1. It is a fun effect, isn’t it?! The sowing of these seedlings seems to have been carried out a little haphazardly in some places. It looks as if the machinery has gone across previously sown areas creating a sort of woven affect effect 😳 . Some areas started out with perfectly straight lines but then wobbled in the centre! Perhaps the farmer had been to the local pub before he began the sowing πŸ™‚

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