10 thoughts on “Cup Heart

  1. Aha! A self portrait! I really like it, very clever amongst other things.
    Would you give me permission to share it on my collaborative blog on self portraits, please?
    Credit given and a link back to your blog?
    Ashley 🙂


  2. Well I’ll be blowed (although that’s apparently not an over polite thing to say in The States…) … but let the dog see the rabbit! … at last a glimpse of Your Goodself … I shall immediately start accosting people of that ilk in the street, knowing full well that you’ll bail me out!

    LIKE IT!!! But do reassure me, please, that the cup is not full of fruit tea! 😀


    1. Ha, ha – yes, I can see how that term might get misinterpreted! But, yes – a selfie, even though I didn’t tag it as such you’ll notice. It’s actually a little deceiving in that my hair is quite different from how it looks here. Most of it is tied behind in a very long plait. I have been thinking about some ideas of how to show off the hair in an arty sort of selfie, so watch this space. I actually got my last job on the strength of my hair. My boss thought it would be fun to have a quirky laid-back-looking-crinkly-haired-hippy-type working for her but was soon disappointed when I turned out to be an uptight perfectionist anal-retentive type 🙂 Musn’t judge a book by its cover, I guess.

      The cup could be a bit of a tankard holding some finest West Country cider rather than a rather fine ginger tea 🙂


      1. Oh I’m looking forward to the arty sort of selfies >>> do it, M, do it!!! If someone had bet me a million quid that you’d come out with that, my money would be lost. And a long plait sounds very characterful – we have a long-plaited, blond postlady and I always think she looks very gothic or Transylvanian – could easily be in the Rocky Horror Picture Show!
        Zo, I shall be screwing in mein monocle (oh how zat makes mein eyes vater!) und vatching zis space!!!!! (Now in Dr Stangelove character und can’t get out of it …..) …. 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Ah – your very good self! So, let me work this out…i see two hands holding a camera, and a mug hanging in space. Are you one of those rare people with three hands!. Seriously good selfie by the way.


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