A Fan of Fungi

logfungi2-201411Attractive ‘turkey tail’ fungi growing on a fallen log. I’ve admired this colourful fan-like bracket fungus before but didn’t know its name until yesterday. I’ve seen it before with blue colouring. Apparently the green bits are algae as the fungus doesn’t naturally have this colouring.

16 thoughts on “A Fan of Fungi

    1. Thanks very much, Andy. I think I must have got lucky with this one, as it was a rather overcast day in a wood! I tried to photograph another interesting fungus today – on a lovely bright day – and none of the photos came out well!


  1. This is nice, M. Specifically, I like the shapes of the fungi and the orange-reds within them. But then there’s also the log, which leans to form a diamond shape and which is subtly lit; and then the autumn leaf litter in the top corners. Very nice seasonal picture. A


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