Fall in Love

falllove-201411Two maple leaves, fallen onto a hard surface, are interlocked forever …….. until the dreaded leafblower – beloved of all tidiness and elfinsafety officials – separates them. Ban leafblowers I say; they are an enemy of love.

17 thoughts on “Fall in Love

  1. Heeheeeheee! Someone gave me a leaf blower as a gift some years ago. I have never once used it. I prefer the meditative act of raking.


  2. I like this very much, M, the composition is beautiful, as is the contrast between the granite (I think!) slabs and the leaves’ colours. And I totally agree about leafblowers – and not least at a time when we’re supposed to be reducing our energy usage >>> if we must move leaves, then someone sweeping them up both reduces energy use and provides useful exercise for the sweeper upper – oh but I forgot, the sweeper upper may take longer, and thus require more pay – and that what its all about! 😦 A


    1. Yes – the days of someone doing a good job with their hands with attention to detail are more or less gone (in the world of paid employment, I mean). It’s all about speed, noise, and superficiality now. It’s part of the reason I’m struggling to find a place in the world of work.

      I’m pleased you like the image, Adrian; thank you!


      1. I suppose its the triumph of style over substance, ie as long as things look good its alright, regardless (in the short term at least) of whether they are good or not. I wish you luck with the work search! My ex-colleagues at Bristol City Council have just been panned by OFSTED for their standards of kids care – and that their information is substandard has actually been mentioned – glad I’m out of there! A


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