A Cold Post

coldpost2-201412We had our first proper frost of the season in southern England last night. I knew it was coming (I like to keep tabs on the weather forecast), so I decided last night that I would get up and out early this morning.

It was bitingly cold – my fingers felt the pain of the frost even though I had gloves on – and surprisingly the distraction of looking for photographic subjects didn’t stop me feeling the cold as it would usually do. Perhaps it was the shock of low temperatures after such a long period of relatively mild conditions.

There was much prettiness around: frost patterns on and around leaves; umbellifers adorned with hoar frost; back-lit beauties everywhere as the sun came up ……. and then I saw this fence post. It looked like it had been standing there helping to guard the field for years – slightly weathered and showing its age, but still steadfast and strong.

24 thoughts on “A Cold Post

    1. The frost has certainly brought out the beauty of this weathered post; a bit like people who stand out and sparkle in certain limited conditions but fade into the background most of the time ๐Ÿ™‚ Many thanks!


    1. It’s funny, I’ve photographed these particular posts in frost during previous Winters – but usually the tops where the hoar frost sits up nice and proud. I’m pleased I saw the detail in the body of the post this time. It certainly was worth the frozen fingers. Thanks, Andy.


    1. It’s ALWAYS worth making the effort to get up and out early on a frosty morn (even before breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚ ). What a lovely chance to see so much beauty. The fresh crisp air and quietness at that time sets one up nicely for the day too. Highly recommended. Thank you, Dave.

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  1. Hi, Whilst I can admire the beauty of this photograph, I am grateful it will be a few months before I get to see another frosty landscape here.
    I also admire your dedication to your craft by getting up early and enduring the biting cold so you could make the most of the photographic opportunities.


    1. We waited quite a while for the frost this year, Margaret – the weather having been very mild. I think it has been the warmest year on record in England.

      I do love to photograph frost and fog, so tend to make the effort to get out early before they clear. Many thanks, Margaret.


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