Windows of Oak

SG_oak-201411A leathery oak leaf begins to break down whilst still attached to the tree.

Can you spot the little fly? I wonder if he is trying to look through the ‘window’.

12 thoughts on “Windows of Oak

  1. Can’t see a fly, but I see a wonderful tessellated image. Brilliantly seen, Meanderer. One suggestion, if I may be so bold… I would crop off the top eighth of the image taking out those two top fragments and those central two tiny dots. I think that improves the composition and one becomes more aware of the lines that appear to be converging from the bottom two corners.


    1. Thank you, Andy. Yes – I wasn’t 100% happy about the crop of this one. I decided to crop in tight to eliminate distractions in the background but the overlapping leaf top left bothered me.


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