Hush of Winter

softwinterwood2-201202A photo of a favourite wood – taken during Winter almost three years ago. Weak sunshine tries to break through, lending a soft fragile light to the copper-coloured Beech leaves which have remained over Winter. To the right is what is probably a coppiced Hazel.

Solstice Greetings to all – those celebrating Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, and to my blogging buddies celebrating the Summer Solstice in the South.

The Solstice takes place here in the UK at 23.03 GMT. Stonehenge – a focus for Solstice celebrations for many – will open tomorrow morning just before sunrise. This is because the Solstice occurs so late in the evening today. A nice, clear, explanation of why dates of the Solstice differ some years can be found at the Royal Greenwich Museum website here:

18 thoughts on “Hush of Winter

  1. Solstice is special and it is a good thing that we remember it as we contemplate the passage of the seasons. I’m glad–and not at all surprised–you’re among those of us who do.


  2. The hush of winter, here in my part of California, is defined by vaporous tule fog….blanketing the blue above with a soft mantle of white. Do I miss the sun….yes………but I am all the more delighted when it returns.


    1. This Autumn and Winter have been a little brighter for us here; the last few years have seen many dark grey wet days. Although colder, I have been grateful for those brighter days.


  3. Stillness in surroundings … perfect for Solstice …
    I’d not realised the different ‘timings’ thank you M I’ll check out your link .


    1. I’m pleased you like it too, Scott. One has to climb to reach it as it is at the top of a very steep slope. It is well worth the effort, and there are marvellous views from atop!


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