Frosted Metal

frosted_bridge2-201412The side of a metal railway bridge glistens and sparkles on a bright frosty morning.

This bridge replaced an attractive Victorian stone one. I disliked it immensely every time I saw it, as it is a very high slab of unattractive and uninspiring metal. When I saw it like this, however, it grew on me a little.

10 thoughts on “Frosted Metal

  1. I generally share your preference for older buildings, but like this photograph because it pulls out a very attractive abstract pattern from what overall might not be a striking thing to look at. One of the great advantages the camera has over the human eye perhaps 🙂


    1. I agree with you regarding how the camera sees things that our eye sometimes doesn’t. The metal sides – to my eye – look like one piece of metal in a uniform green colour, but when I saw the image on the computer, I was surprised at the textures of the metal. It looks like three separate pieces somehow joined together!


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