Lazy Sunny Afternoon

sunny_afternoon-201502A view across a lake via a boat which looks like it isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, on a lovely sunny Winter’s afternoon. The sunshine was very welcome on this chilly February day as we strolled around, spotting a variety of birdlife – dipping in and out of hides for a different perspective. Here we sat on a deserted verandah sipping afternoon tea from the stove we had brought along. Happy days ………

18 thoughts on “Lazy Sunny Afternoon

    1. Thank you very much, Ken. There was a lot of blue and gold in this place on that sunny day – the water reflected the blue sky wonderfully, and the reeds, which were everywhere, shone gold in the light.


  1. You carry a stove around?! Now that’s a really great idea! You may have just revolutionised my early morning Levels forays! OMG, I could even get into frying bacon – and maybe fried bread and tomatoes too – oh what golden horizons have just reared, sizzlingly, up into view!!! There might not of course be any time for photography but hell, go with the flow! THANK YOU!!!
    And I like the picture too – all those yellow-browns, and the wattle fence and the boat out front, and all that blue coming in from the right but not quite reaching right to the left – and those silhouetted twigs top right – very good stuff, my friend!
    And I’m still bandaged the same, but all is healing wonderfully. A


    1. Ha, ha, yes – a stove is a handy thing to have when out for the day. You can get some sweet compact lightweight ones which fold up into a small bag. There’s something very satisfying about being self-sufficient in comestibles when out and about. I can just see you on one of those damp misty mornings, frying up a hearty breakfast before venturing off with the camera! If you want any recommendations for kit, let me know 🙂

      I’m pleased you like the image. It was an unexpectedly sunny day – the weather forecast earlier showed a cloudy blob in our region! Good to hear you are healing well my friend.


    2. I really must schedule an outing with you–and M–at the earliest opportunity, to take advantage of the opportunity for a Full UK Breakfeast (no, that’s not a typo!) in the field. Only, please, not too much fat in the bacon…


    1. Winter weather in this part of the UK has been quite uneventful thus far. Mild and cloudy early on followed by a couple of overnight frosts, one morning of snow, then cold biting winds. Thankfully none of the floods of previous Winters. I hope the snow stops soon for you.


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