20 thoughts on “Lavender Moss

  1. I’ve been thinking more about this picture, M. Its really a two colour thing, isn’t it, and maybe one of the sources of its success is that the colour of the plant is pretty close to the colour of the stonework. And it could be seen as a still life, couldn’t it?
    And whereas I’ve been seeing it in a vertical plane, as a plant beside a wall, I now see that you were looking vertically downwards to a plant beside a pavement. Once again – in terms of colour, composition and content – a really excellent image. A ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you for your further thoughts on this one, Adrian. Yes – I was looking down on the paving and planting. It was an overcast day so the bright green moss was really standing out amidst the silvery-greys. I meant to photograph the paving and the moss but at the last moment placed the viewfinder over the lavender too, resulting in the image. I am pleased you like this one. I think it’s one of my personal favourites, also.


  2. I really like this composition. The moss stand out so well because of the vibrancy of the green and its contrast with all the grey tones. Also I find it symbolic of the transition between Winter and Spring. A beautiful image Meanderer.


    1. Thank you very much, Andy. I hadn’t thought about the transition between Winter and Spring but, yes; it has that feel about it (looks like chilly Winter conditions returning this weekend).


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