18 thoughts on “Morning Frills

  1. Fantastic! Are they blooming in your garden yet? Is this one of them? Our flower heads are visible, but none have opened yet. Today’s rain should help, though it’s only 37°F outside. Hopefully within the next few days!


    1. Thank you, Gary. This isn’t one from the garden. About half a dozen have come out so far in the garden, so it seemed a bit unfair to cut them for indoors. I did, however, cut a handful of grape hyacinth for a small vase yesterday. Lovely yellow primroses are making the garden look bright and lovely – accompanied by deep purple pulmonaria flowers. Bluebells and forsythia are poised! The sunshine and increasingly mild temps are helping. It’s a lovely time of year. Hopefully it will warm up a little for you there.

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        1. Oh. Still, you will be able to witness the resilience of all those precious little plants – determined to make a show even though the conditions are difficult. Quite a thing.


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