Waves of Accumulation



16 thoughts on “Waves of Accumulation

  1. Absolutely super image, M, and maybe all the better for its subtle colours – those bluish greys and the very washed out pinks. It bamboozles the eye – but I think its an undulating roof with accumulated plant debris in the pink troughs. Very well seen, my friend. A 🙂


    1. Thank you, Adrian! Yes, you’re right: it is a roof – quite a new one, made of a modern plastic which resembles metal. I would imagine it’s quite expensive, but it was on an an outbuilding roof in the garden of a stately home 🙂


    1. Thank you, Andy. Yes – the horizontal flip is what makes it so puzzling! We thought they were roof tiles but it is a single sheet of strong metallic-looking plastic moulded to look like tiles.


  2. Was taken by this image on my phone, but now that I see it on a proper screen its Wow! I find the smooth plastic edges unexpected, perhaps this processing would not be so confusing (or work so well) with clay tiles?


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