12 thoughts on “Bunch

  1. Oh I like this – my knees have just gone all unnecessary! Its not immediately obvious (to me, anyway) but it is a double exposure of some sort, isn’t it – is it via a camera or software? The lighting is wonderful and I like the overall softness too. This is a fantastic picture – arbitrarily putting a number on it, I would say that it has to be in your Top 10 Best – to me anyway! A πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Adrian! I’m pleased you like it. You might knock it down a few points though if I tell you it’s not camera or software created (I’m not that clever πŸ™‚ ). These flowers are in a vase on the kitchen table situated in front of a large window where the light pours in. Also on the table are glass tablemats and coasters, and it was here that I saw the reflection! I’ve rotated the image 180 degrees and cropped out the window …… et voila!

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      1. Werl, darlin, never has my non been so plussed >>> AS IF!!! Remember the FATman mantra – “if it looks good it is good – and the means by which it was created have absolutely nothing to do with anything!”. To me, its still right up there with your very best – and points that I can add (hoping to get a tip, postal order please) are that you had to “see” this in the first place in order to photograph it – and that its rotated – have you been at the fruit teas again? >>> much good will come of it!!! πŸ˜€ Anyway that’s just me dribbling on – and no I am not drunk (yet) – but I do congratulate you on a seriously good image! A πŸ™‚


  2. Once again, you, Adrian, and I are on similar wavelengths (if not the same one). My first thought was of an in-camera double exposure, as that’s a bit easier (and more intuitive) than combining two different images after capture. But upon closer inspection, the reflection alternative is the more likely choice, and you’ve captured it very well, indeed!


    1. I’m not clever at all with camera settings and software and wouldn’t know how to create this effect with either! One can do a lot with reflections however! Thank you, Gary.


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