8 thoughts on “Garden Rose

  1. Hi, I don’t see moss roses in Victorian gardens although I am sure there are examples. I did try to grow one once – without success.
    Rather than admiring lush blooms like the one in your photograph, I have begun the winter pruning of the roses in my garden.


    1. I pruned these for the first time last Winter; I was a little worried about doing it as roses can be quite fussy! They have all faded now but hopefully a second flush will arrive soon.


  2. Hi again, I am interested to learn that, in your experience, roses can be quite fussy. In southern Australia many varieties of roses are tough as nails blooming in all kinds of conditions and surviving quite a bit of neglect. My sister’s roses even survived a flood. My mother grew roses in both sandy and clay soil. In Castlemaine they bloom in intense heat, frost and drought.
    Rose blooms are a favoured treat for possums.


    1. Yes – from what I’ve read and heard, my understanding is that roses are seen generally as being a bit precious! It’s why I was scared to prune them for so long! Interesting to hear that the same isn’t the case where you are, Margaret!


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