16 thoughts on “Wild Mix

  1. Pretty. 🙂
    As a cost cutting exercise, our council decided to cut the grass verges only twice this year instead of the normal four times.
    Some of the results were roundabouts and grassy areas filled with poppies and other wild flowers. I’m going to sprinkle a few packets of butterfly friendly “wild” seeds onto the grass verge in front of our house for next spring incase they make the saving again next year. 🙂


    1. Yes – I think councils are seeing the worth and value of having wild areas – as a result of cutbacks. Boring expanses of finely cut lawn are being replaced by more and more wildflower and wildgrass areas – so much more beneficial to creatures.

      I love your idea of sprinkling such seeds on the grass verge outside your house 🙂


      1. Oh, if only that were so in Austin, where the entrance area to my local nature park got mowed five times in one season! That prevented the wildflower colonies that were there last year from coming up again this year.


        1. Oh, that’s sad, Steve. I believe for some people, wildflowers and grasses can make an area look unkempt, and so need to be kept under control! The lack of money from local councils for trimming and pruning here seems to be the reason why such areas are being allowed to thrive.


    1. I simply took lots of images in quick succession, Gary. It was indeed challenging as, not only was there a stiff breeze, but the sun was rapidly popping in and out of cloud!


  2. Hi, I see variants of the mauve flowers in gardens. I am learning to appreciate the beauty of grasses and the different seed heads. Last summer, I picked dried grasses and put them in a jar. Fresh flowers have come and gone but the dried grasses continue on. Next summer, I will replace them with another bunch of grasses.


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