I walked along a road today that I had only ever driven on (or ridden along on a bus). It’s the major route into town. It made me see it in a completely new light. For example, I never realised there wasn’t a pedestrian footpath on one side of it for quite a long stretch. In all the many times in the course of a decade I had travelled along it, I had never noticed. It has made me think about other things that aren’t noticed over a long period of time along familiar routes.

Anyway – I was on my way to photograph something else – something new – something which had newly inspired me to make the effort and get out with the camera. I haven’t had a very inspirational year with regard to photography – have barely been inspired to go out and about with said camera. I don’t know why. It’s just the way it has been – but it felt marvellous and enlivening to be suddenly interested again.

On my walk back from the new subject of attention, I spotted this road sign – the colours, textures, and lettering on it having stood out. What a lovely change from modern plastic road signs.

I heartily recommend walking along a road one usually travels on.

9 thoughts on “Road

  1. Glad to hear you’ve been out and about with your camera – I’m suffering from a similar lack of get up and go. But re your final sentence, its best if said road has a pavement or path alongside – an enduring memory of the early days of Milton Keynes is of young mothers pushing buggies along dual carriageways because the verges were too muddy to walk on! A

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  2. You are so right! To really see a place, you need to get out and walk. As a pedestrian, you also get to see the world from a different perspective to a driver such as noticing details which normally are overlooked or a lack of footpaths.


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