Late Summer Allotment

allotment-201508A view through heavy duty iron railings to an allotment situated next to a railway line and busy road – the road I walked along recently (as featured in my previous post).

I love allotments and had one myself a few years ago – albeit rather briefly. I long for one again.

This particular allotment is run quite strictly with lots of rules and regulations. It always looks very attractive with its neat and tidy plots full of produce of one kind or another.

I intend to run a mini-series of allotment images taken at different times of the day. In the absence of having a plot myself, it is the next best thing, and has inspired me to get out and about with the camera. I might even pluck up the courage to ask a plot holder if I can photograh them at work. Then again I might not!

12 thoughts on “Late Summer Allotment

    1. Many thanks, Cynthia. My plan is to go early morning at the weekend when the road is quieter, and if someone happens to be around at the time, I might talk to them. Then again, they might be attending at such an early hour in order not to be disturbed!

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    1. How interesting, Gary. Some allotment sites are really beautiful and well-kept, such as this one. I love the various sheds one often sees, kitted out with all kinds of home comforts.


  1. DEFINITELY think you should pluck up your courage and get in there and see plot holders, with a view to photographing them at work, making tea in their sheds (but why can’t they use teapots like the rest of us?!), being in their homely sheds, etc etc – that might well be a really interesting and productive project. I did a similar thing, as a one off, with my barber; then gave him the blog address, and also an album of prints – and this is especially good now as he’s had to move out of the shop where I took the shots (on film!!!) and where he’d been working for many years, so the photos are full of memories. A


    1. I’m not sure about getting inside their sheds; sounds a bit iffy 🙂 I also doubt I would ever shrug off my reserve in order to ask any of them – should I see them – if I could take any photos of them at work. Oh, how sad that our lives seem to be written out for us in advance ……

      What a lovely story about your barber. How sad that he had to move out of his shop. Is he working anywhere else?


  2. Hi, I am intrigued to know what kind of rules and regulations govern the allotment. How hard is it for the gardeners to comply with them?
    Your image of the allotment gives the impression that it would be a very relaxing place to be.


    1. Hello Margaret. I know there is a commitee which oversees things and that there are firm guidelines as to how the plots should be looked after; no neglected weed-filled plots here! All of which I agree with.

      Yes, allotments can be very relaxing places to be, and this one looks as if the plot owners enjoy gardening here.


  3. Ah ..there’s something about allotments isn’t there M ! Bountiful veggies and fruit in some ,others taking pride in their *mums* and so on . Funny but I thought some near us had great photographic appeal too, got speaking with the person in charge who then allowed me a wander around camera clicking but with strict instructions to keep to the pathways and not to take pictures of any of the *scruffy plots 🙂


    1. Yes – I love allotments. I wish I still had mine, to be honest.

      Great minds, eh?! Well done you for getting in there and actually taking some photos of the plots. I haven’t been up to these allotments since that day. Will have to make the effort before Winter sets in 🙂


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