Nature’s Decorations

natural_decorations-201512Nature dresses herself in the Season’s colours and shapes.

Juicy red berries; delicate silvery fluffy seedheads; and Wintergreen leaves dress this hedgerow wonderfully!

16 thoughts on “Nature’s Decorations

  1. Hi, This photograph is rather more colourful and cheerful than the more sombre images which preceded it. When I have viewed the news recently, England seems to be under water especially in the North. In contrast, we are in the midst of our bushfire season – the latest fires being on the Victorian coastline along the Great Ocean Road where over a hundred homes have been destroyed.


    1. Hello, Margaret. Yes, it has been a very grey, wet, and windy December, and once again many people are having to deal with heavy rain resulting in the floods you have seen. It is affecting mainly the Northern counties of Cumbria, Lancashire, and Yorkshire where a month’s rain has fallen in a day in some parts. It is becoming a frequent event. I heard on the news that Australia is having to deal with fires.


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