23 thoughts on “In The Limelight

  1. Oh I like this, M – that curve if dense shadow across the top is really striking, and it balances the lesser shadow bottom right >>> the wedge of green and brown is super >>> and that single little white flower really finishes the whole thing off. More please! A 🙂


    1. Thank you very much, Adrian. This is an image from a year ago and it struck me when I was looking through my archives recently. I haven’t taken many photos recently – the combination of cold temps and wind has put me off going out for walks. I’ve been taking more indoor photos of cut flowers and light and shadow on walls.


      1. Well it would be good to see some of your indoor photos – flowers, light and shadow sound good. I haven’t been out so much either but I’m hoping to rectify that soon. I’m getting more enthused with photography again. Have a minor hip problem at the moment but am being careful with it .. not so much break dancing … which gives time for more Belgian beer … 😀


        1. Sorry about your hip. Maybe the answer is Belgian beer AND dancing 🙂

          I recently bought a smartphone in order to be able to clearly see and enjoy photos sent from my family (my old ‘feature phone’ had a very small screen). After lots of hassle and confusion setting it up and learning how to use it, I’m having fun with the camera on it – hence experiments with indoor subjects. It’s not a great camera – not as good as my little Pentax – but it is quick and convenient. I’ve also been using the video camera on it and am enjoying capturing sound as well as picture.


          1. I’ve been thinking about a smartphone, but can never quite convince myself. My mobile (like me???) is a real antique, it could be 15 years old! Of more concern is that Nikon just haven’t come up with what I am hoping for new camerawise, and so am doing much thinking. A 🙂


            1. Like you, I also have an old mobile – ten years old – which just about works although the battery runs down very quickly. The strong motivation for the smartphone was so I could see the large photos my children were sending me. I hadn’t prepared myself for just how different this type of phone was going to be, however, and it’s been a steep learning curve. It’s more like a mini computer than a phone, actually! Now that I’m more used to it and have set it up the way I want it, I’m very pleased with it and I use it a lot more to communicate with than the old one – which is a good thing!


            2. It sounds good – but its that learning curve I shy away from >>> with a camera yes, but I’m not sure about getting into all that with a phone >>> but you’re right about communicating more – I ought to. What sort of phone have you got, and are you on a contract or just putting cash onto it as and when you need to? A


            3. I didn’t want a contract so I opted for Pay as you go. I bought a Moto E 2nd generation having done a fair bit of research. The prices of smartphones on PAYG vary from around £50 to several hundreds. I got mine for £89 in January having paid £10 more for a Sim Free phone. It has come down in price a little since then. I’d whittled down my final choice from 3: a Moto G; a Moto E 2nd Gen, and a Microsoft Lumia. Chatting to helpful sales people in a Tesco phone shop I opted for the Moto E for the features and price. The Moto G had a better camera but was nearly twice as expensive. My old phone is a Motorola and has been very robust and nice to handle which is what swayed me.

              The phone runs on an Android operating system and I had to learn about that pretty quickly but there are some excellent websites and fora on hand. One of the good things about the phone is the ability and ease of use over Wifi. Browsing the internet is easy and ‘free’ this way and I also use an ‘app’ called ‘Whatsapp’ for messages and photos which is also used over Wifi.

              One thing to be aware of is the ‘bundles’ the service providers offer with the chosen Sim. I was given a ‘Big Bundle’ sim where my £10 was taken straight away and I was given 1000 texts lots of call time and browsing time. The problem is, this only lasts 30 days and you have to top up again. I had only used a handful of texts, no calls, and a tiny bit of browsing so it wasn’t worth it. I rang the provider to swap to a different tariff which is more like old-style credit.

              Sorry for the long post – there’s so much involved!


            4. Many thanks for all this detail – but I’m aghast at what I’ll need to learn! My phone is also a Motorola. Anyway I’ve copied this out (no, not with a quill pen – rude girl!!!) and have saved it in case I get adventurous! Thank you again for all this! A 🙂


            5. I’m sorry there’s so much – it must seem quite overwhelming! I’ve learned a lot in the few weeks that I’ve had it, and am glad I took the plunge. If you need any more info or help, feel free to ask!


            6. I should add that Whatsapp is a wonderful thing to use. It is interactive – one can see when others are online and whether a message has reached them. You can also ‘see’ them typing! I like it very much and it is this which has encouraged more contact.


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