Cave View

cave_view2-201603A view through a cave opening to a misty dwelling atop colourful cliffs at Llangrannog beach, Ceredigion, Wales.

Anyone familiar with Karl Pilkington (An Idiot Abroad, The Moaning of Life) might recall one show where he claimed that one’s view from a window is more important than the actual home one lived in. Although the inside of this cave is pretty extraordinary (on a sunny day, tutti-frutti colours adorn the inside) the view outwards is pretty good, too!

12 thoughts on “Cave View

    1. Thank you, Margaret. This was taken on the second visit to this beach and cave. The weather was rather overcast which made the colours on the cliff opposite seem even more beautiful. On the previous visit, the sun was out and it was very bright which made the view outside the cave look washed out. It’s a very beautiful place, one I had never visited before.


    1. It was a wonderful place – so much of interest to see. Yes – the tides would go out a long way, enabling a walk through to adjacent coves where interesting rock formations could be found. Steep steps ran up and along the cliff side – a handy rescue if caught out by the rapidly incoming tide! There have been incidents when stormy weather has brought the water up amongst the cafes and houses, washing great stones and rocks onto the beach and back into the sea. An amazing, beautiful, exhilarating place.


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